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Counselling & Change Therapy
21st April 2018 
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Counselling is about providing a confidential space where no-one else can listen or intrude, where you can talk with someone without fear of judgement or criticism of whatever you wish to talk about. The counsellor will provide an understanding and empathic relationship in which we can find a way of resolving those difficulties that prevent you from feeling better than you do at the moment.

The problems and difficulties that can beset any of us, that bother or annoy us or that make us think, feel or act in ways that hurt us or those close to us, may be caused by something quite recent or maybe by something in the distant past. Sometimes it can be both and, whether past or present, some things that happen to us can be very disturbing, even traumatising. This is where therapeutic counselling steps in, to help in understanding and possibly even finding a way of resolving the difficulties that hold us back or drag us down.

Counselling – 60 minutes

Change Therapy

Change Therapy is a form of Emotional Health Coaching and aims to support you in the process of re-evaluating and making positive changes to your life.

Change Therapy can help you to explore how you are feeling, what is missing from your life and what can be improved. By gaining more knowledge and increased self-awareness, you will be able to make positive changes that will greatly enhance your quality of life. It is never too early or too late to make positive change and create your own life plan.

Change Therapy –30 or 60 minutes

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