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Exercise Classes
16th July 2018 
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Places are limited for all classes so please call 01795 538648 to book.


Classes for various abilities in a pleasant, relaxing and friendly environment with Nicola Jefcoate, who gives individual support to help you achieve your goals.

Gentle Pilates, Beginners and Improvers - Wednesdays at 10.30am
This class is suitable for those who enjoy a slower pace to learn and practice.
We include extra stretching and exercises from the imove Freely tm programme to help muscles to relax thereby improving mobility and helping to relieve chronic pain

Pilates Improvers/Intermediate - Wednesdays at 6.45pm
A more traditional Classical Pilates mat work class helping you to improve strength, stretch and posture. This is a faster paced class suitable if you have some previous experience or are new to Pilates and a quick learner.

Pilates On The Ball - Mixed Ability - Wednedsdays at 8.00pm
A fun and effective way to improve core strength and recruit muscles you never knew you had!
This popular class is paced to suit the ability of participants from complete Beginner to Intermediate

All Pilates classes are payable for 6 consecutive classes in advance 39

Taster classes (max 4) 8 each, subject to available places

Individual Sessions also available tailored to your unique needs.

Typical sessions include a biomechanical assessment with corrective exercise, Pilates tuition and nutrition and lifestyle advice

Sessions 40 (one hour). Can be shared with a friend - 60
(includes phone / e mail support)

Pilates Packages (Wednesday's only)
- 12 Pilates classes and 1 individual session: 105
- 8 Pilates classes and 1 individual session: 82

- 3 hours of individual movement and lifestyle coaching : 99

Pilates for common orthopaedic conditions: 99
- 8 Pilates classes and 90 min of individual sessions, or
- 3 hours of individual sessions

In addition to these popular packages we can offer bespoke combinations, please ask Nicola for details.

Tai Chi

Yang Family Tai Chi - Tuesdays at 7pm
Yang style Tai Chi is a slow, low-impact exercise combining conscious movements and conscious breathing. The class is suitable for everyone looking to learn own body awareness in a relaxed atmosphere. By keeping movements within their natural alignment and timing them with your breathing according to Tai Chi principles, you will learn how that affects the power and strength that can be generated while alleviating any undue stresses on the joints.

Tai Chi classes are 6.00 per session. Discounts are available for block bookings.

Aerial Yoga

Aerial Yoga - Mondays and Tuesdays, various times.
Aerial-Yoga combines yoga postures with suspension in fabric cocoons. Airhedz Aerial-Yoga sequences, devised by Tina Carter, aim to develop flexibility, strength and endurance; all sessions end in a few minutes suspended relaxation. Encouraging a ‘mindful’ approach, these aerial-yoga courses are suitable for mixed ability participants, but where specific experience is required this will be stated on the individual course details.Classes for spring 2018

All sessions are currently fully booked.

Upcoming courses in September to December 2018:

Mondays 6.15-7.15pm; 7.30-8.30pm; 8.40-9.40pm

Tuesdays 5-6pm; 6.15-7.15pm & 7.30-8.30pm

Dates to be confirmed soon.

Aerial Yoga classes are 39.00 per person for a course of 3 sessions.

To Book:
Email: [email protected]
which course and what time you would like to book. You will be forwarded a participation form that will need to be completed and returned with payment in full.
More information:
If you would like to talk to Tina before booking, then please email or call: 07973 480770
The organizer maintains the right to cancel an event if it is undersubscribed, agreeing to repay any monies to prepaid participants in full.
Participants can withdraw from the course up to 1 month prior to start of the course and claim full reimbursement. Cancellation after this time may result in some or all of the payment being withheld, if it results in a course being undersubscribed


Yoga - With Emma Harrison - Saturdays at 9am
A 60 minute Vinyasa Flow style class suitable for all anyone with a reasonable level of fitness and a desire for a fun free flowing class. The practice will focus on synchronising breath with movement, developing strength, stamina and flexibility. Participants will be encouraged to develop greater body awareness through bringing their focus to specific areas during the practice and recognising how to work within their own strengths and challenges to develop a therapeutic, holistic practice. Come ready to leave your ego at the door and embrace the heart-warming challenges that a yoga practice can bring, no experience necessary.

Classes are 6.50 per session. Discounts are available for block bookings

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